Reorganisation of the Terna Group

From 1 April 2012, the Terna Group has been using an organisational structure which involves, in implementation of the resolution of the Terna S.p.A. Board of Directors of 9 November 2011 and in line with the strategy presented in the Strategic Plan, the structuring into a guiding and coordinating parent company and the operative companies described above. Of these, we would particularly mention:

  • Terna Rete Italia S.p.A. (subsidiary established by Terna S.p.A. on 23 February 2012) is delegated, through a business unit rental agreement with a five-year term, to perform all the core businesses of operation, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the NTG, management and performance of work on developing the grid, connected with the implementation of the provisions of said Agreement and on the basis of guidelines laid down in the Development Plan;
  • Terna Plus S.r.l. is the operating company dedicated to activities for carrying out projects which are not core business and which has a streamlined and flexible operating structure.

The Group's new organisational structure set out above allows a greater focus on the core business and new business which may be developed, and a better efficiency and effectiveness of the operating/management processes attributed to the responsibility of the respective subsidiaries, in compliance with the Parent Company's strategic guidelines.