Main 2012 economic-financial results

The 2012 fiscal year, which coincided with the beginning of the new regulation period 2012-2015, saw application of Resolutions 199/11, 204/11 and 197/11 with which the Authority for Electricity and Gas established the remuneration for providing electricity transmission, distribution, metering and dispatching services and the regulation of transmission service quality.

In addition, as described above, the Terna Group corporate/operational reorganisation process stood out in 2012. This was aimed at overseeing in a strategic manner the business opportunities deriving from the business plan and maximising efficiency in managing the business. 

The amounts discussed below have been derived from the reclassified schedules included in the “Terna Group performance and financial position” section of this Directors' Report. The footnotes to these schedules provide a reconciliation of these amounts with the Consolidated financial statements.