Sustainability objectives and results

In 2012 all areas of responsibility showed progress. The following table summarises the results obtained relative to the 2012 objectives stated in the previous Sustainability Report, referring to the pages of the Report which show, in greater detail, the various initiatives and results achieved.

As regards the "Integrated Reporting" objective, which is not discussed in other parts of this Report, a process was started in 2012 which led to the achievement of an online "Draft Integrated Report". This first step allowed the information available to be assembled separately in the Annual Financial Report and in the Sustainability Report in a single framework, in keeping with the criteria proposed by the International Integrated Reporting Council. This activity then continued, establishing the premises for better coordination of the contents in the 2013 official publications, including this Sustainability Report.

The objectives for 2013 constitute further steps along the same paths. The table below provides a summary of them. The following objectives should be noted in particular:

  • the revision of the ethics systems and the environmental and social responsibility in relation to the supply chain, which consists in continuing the work carried out in 2012. In particular, the improvement initiatives identified in 2012 will be included in a multi-year plan starting with initial milestones to be achieved already in 2013;
  • the realization of internal CSR training initiatives with the involvement of top level managers;
  • active participation in the Pilot Programme of the International Integrated Reporting Council, with study and implementation of greater integration of the financial and sustainability information both in the Management Report and on the website. This is also a continuation of the activities carried out in 2012, with further progress in integration of information and taking into account the new framework of Integrated Reporting which is expected to be published by the IIRC in April 2013;
  • fine tuning – after the definition in 2012 of the initial energy analysis – of the Policy and the indicators for monitoring the management system for energy efficiency, in line with the ISO 50001 criteria;
  • the definition, also based on the opinions of stakeholders, of a strategic approach to community initiatives, the establishment of a coherent action plan and the realization of the first initiatives provided for by the plan.
GOVERNANCE AND GENERAL ASPECTS Adoption of the Code of Ethics and the 231 Model by the new companies of the Group Initiative completed completamento
Supply chain, environment and human rights: planning of initiatives of improvement and achievement of 2013 milestones
 Revision and update of the supervision of responsibility (environment, human rights, prevention of corruption) in the chain of supplyThe analytical part completed and initiatives of improvement identifiedcompletamentoIntegrated Reporting: participation in the Pilot Programme of the International Integrated Reporting Council
 Integrated Reporting: participation in the Pilot Programme of the International Integrated Reporting Council2012 milestones completed completamentoCampaign of internal training on CSR
RESPONSIBILITY FOR ELECTRICITY Achievement of continuity indicator targets The final calculation by AEEG not yet available completamento Achievement of continuity indicator targets
 Security Plan progressSecurity Plan ProgresscompletamentoSecurity Plan progress 
 Positive result on AEEG incentivesPositive results on AEEG incentives completamento 
SERVICE ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITY Corporate profitability Corporate profitability (1) completamento Corporate profitability
 Investment to develop gridInvestment to develop grid (1)completamentoInvestment to develop grid
 Development non-traditional activitiesApproved investment programmes in batteriescompletamentoDevelopment non-traditional activities
ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Revision of action plans on SFleakage Activities still in progress  completamento Revision of action plans on SFleakage
 Implementation of a management system for energy efficiency in accordance with the ISO 50001 criteriaActivity achieved completamentoPreparation of the Policy and the KPI for monitoring the management system for energy efficiency in line with the ISO 50001 requirements.
 Start analysis of the environmental impact of new businesses Activity postponedcompletamentoRenewal agreement with WWF
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Definition and implementation of action plans in response to the results of the 2011 organisational well-being survey Activity achieved  completamento Definition of guidelines for the social commitment of the Group and realization of coherent first initiatives
 Definition of rules for the volunteer work of the employeesActivities still in progresscompletamentoDefinition of rules for the volunteer work of the employees
 Initiatives in partnership with non-profit organizations Activity achieved completamento 
(1) A result achieved corresponds to performance in line with the objectives approved by the Board of Directors for the Strategic Plan presented annually to financial analysts.


completamento objective achieved

completamento partly achieved

completamento postponed or suspended