Terna's Objectives

(Strategic Objectives)

"The new plan continues to have ambitious targets: to complete the renewal and upgrade of the National Transmission Grid and explore new business opportunities in Italy and abroad. Based on these two strategic objectives, we will continue to pursue efficiency, safety and lower costs for the electricity system, benefiting all consumers, both business and private, and to create value for our shareholders, who we believe will continue to be extremely satisfied with our performance."

In February 2013, with these words, Terna's CEO Flavio Cattaneo presented the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan to the international community of financial analysts, with an emphasis on Capital technology and innovation for the grid’s safety.

Terna’s non-traditional activities, and storage systems in particular, are covered in the relevant "Organizational Overview and External Environment" Element, while "Medium-term prospects" are examined under "Opportunities and Risks"