Terna and non-core activities

In order to use and safeguard its resources as far as possible and maximise the profitability of its assets, Terna started during the fiscal year 2012 with the reorganisation of its operating assets, aiming to group non-core businesses into a single entity with a view to taking advantage of development opportunities in the best possible way.

With this goal in mind, Terna S.p.A. incorporated the company Terna Plus S.r.l., endowing it with a corporate organisation that fulfils the requirements of functional and accounting separation from the Parent Company and ensures compatibility with the Articles of Association and with Terna S.p.A.'s concession, and complies with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 79/99 (the so-called “Bersani Decree”).

The development of non-core business will pursue the objective of enhancing further the assets held and Terna's distinctive skills in the implementation and management of infrastructures, in particular at High Voltage, in Italy and abroad.

The results achieved in the first year of operation are particularly encouraging, despite the unfavourable economic climate.

Contacts were also made with leading global producers of renewable energy to evaluate co-investments by Terna in stations connected to the network of renewable plants, with a BOO (Build, Own and Operate) business model. Negotiations are underway with some of them.

Among products in the portfolio, the main advances in innovative projects linked to the introduction of accumulation systems into the NES are described below.